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Mini Cooper Tour is an awesome interesting entertaining tour around Punta Cana, filled with different activities!

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Mini Cooper Tour & Punta Cana

Mini Cooper is a brand once owned and operated by a British Manufacturer until 2000 when BMW took them over and revamped the brand, thereby vastly increasing its popularity in the United States.

These fun little cars starting popping up everywhere as people wanted to experience the power and thrill of driving their own. Although Mini has expanded since 2000 to include such styles as the convertible, the 4 door Clubman and even a Crossover SUV, our tour offers the original, sporty version so YOU the driver can experience first hand the car that put Mini on the map. Throughout the tour you will be educated about what you see and your experiences through our hand radios.

Visit Altos de Chavon

During the full day Mini Cooper excursion we will visit Altos de Chavon, replicated after a European village and situated in the prestigious area of Casa de Campo, La Romana.

This quaint town boasts a gorgeous view overlooking Chavon River and is home to an impressive, Roman style amphitheatre pictured here that can hold up to 5,000 people and hosts performances from various artists modern and classic. Wander through the chocolate shop and take a look inside the charming little cathedral where a well known celebrity may or may not have tied the knot ;) Stroll through the cobblestone walkways and sip an authentic Dominican coffee while you are whisked away to a world more romantic than our own.

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Boca de Yuma

Our first stop will be the picturesque town of Boca de Yuma where you should take the opportunity to capture the beauty of the Dominican world outside of Punta Cana.

Take a moment to appreciate this little fishing suburb overlooking Yuma River within proximity to the Caribbean Sea. Quiet and modest, the visit to Boca de Yuma will humble and intrigue you as with this excursion overall, teaching you that there is much to be learned about this small and eclectic island.

Matilde Cigar Factory

Moving on, we will take you to learn about one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular souvenirs.

Dominican cigars are known to be some of the best in the world and at the Matilde Cigar Factory, we will educate you about the history of tobacco here and what makes our cigars so special. Watch the handmade rolling process and afterward take your time perusing the gift shop to pick out your favorite flavors and options for purchase. When we wrap up here, we move onward towards lunch!

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